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JCI Solar distributes a wide range of solar panels and solar accessories related to the complete solar system structure. Using solar panels is the new technology trend in South Africa simply because it saves you money on your electricity bill and more importantly it reduces your carbon footprint.

You have the opportunity of obtaining more affordable solar power than anywhere else with JCI Solar. We specialise in offering high quality products with backup support at a fraction of the cost. We have cut costs of all solar products to the lowest margins to enable many more people to afford solar power. JCI Solar's idealism for the future is to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem and to allow many to be part of the solar system structure than only a small percentage of the population. Solar power is here to stay so why not join the solar community and save on everything solar!

Solar power is usable independent of the power grid, enabling electricity and hot water generation well away from traditional power providers, in remote locations as well. Basically there is an endless supply of it and it is environmentally friendly. So what are you still waiting for?

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What's new

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Turn off the stove before you’ve finished cooking because hot plates retain heat, it won’t affect your food, only your electricity bill.


Install a heat pump, it can potentially cut your water heating costs by up to 67% compared to a regular geyser.


A damaged seal can make your fridge consume more electricity due to the cold air escaping, so be sure to check the seal on your fridge.

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