JCI Solar-What are the advantages to using Solar Panels?

What are the advantages to using Solar Panels?

• No Green House Gases

Solar Panels does not emit any green house gases, making it one of the biggest advantages. The panels produces energy from the sun and does not release any harmful gases, chemicals or smoke.

• Infinite Free Energy

Solar Panels generates power from the sun making it free. It does not need expensive and ongoing raw materials like coal or oil, and requires significant lower operational labor than conventional power production.

• Decentralisation of Power

Solar Panels offer decentralisation in most location that is sunny. It is not like coal, oil and gas that needs to be transported, adding to the cost.

• Going of the Grid

To be able not to rely on power from the grid is a big advantage to isolated and rural areas. In these areas having power lines put up and the prices for power is high and can often expect power-cuts. By going of the grid, the house or business solely rely n the power generate by the solar systems.

• Solar Power avoids the politics and price volatility

The sun has an unlimited supply of power, which means that solar power avoids price manipulations and politics as to the regular power prices, that has increased double the last few years.

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