JCI Solar-How do Solar Panels work?

What is a Solar Panel?

Solar Panels, also known as Solar cells or Photovoltaic cells, is a device that is used to generate electricity from the sun's rays shining on it. They are perfect to generate power on a small scale, but can also be used to generate power on a big scale, by using bigger solar panels and using more than one solar panel.

How do Solar Panels work?


The Solar Panel installation works by getting the energy from the sun, a renewable source of energy. The panels supply power or energy to all sorts of appliances using electricity, from fridges, lights, computers and many more. Step by step explanation of how solar power works:
1. During the day, light hits the solar panels with particles of sunlight, known as photons.
2. The solar panel then converts the protons in DC ( Direct Current ) electrons. It goes without saying that the sunnier it is, it will produce more energy.
3. The DC electrons then flows from the solar panels to an inverter.
4. The inverter changes the DC power into AC ( Alternating Current ) power, which is used for all appliances tat is plugged into the wall.
5. A meter keeps track of the power the solar systems generates. All the excess power will then go through the grid into the meter. At night and on cloudy days the extra power that was generated will be credited to your bill.

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