JCI Solar-How long do Solar Panels last?

How long does Solar Panels last?

A Solar Panel can last anything from 20-25 years, it can last longer if it is well looked after. By doing regular maintenance, like hosing the solar panel off in the summer and keeping the leaves off, can help it to last longer.

Best place for Solar Panels

Solar Panels are designed to be placed on a structures roof, where it is directly exposed to the sun. It is also designed to withstand rain, snow, wind and hail. By using a strong mounting bracket it will proof to be stronger than the roof. Solar Panels can also be placed on the ground or other places depending on the conditions and setting of the place and amount of energy the consumer wants to generate. The factors that determine where the solar panel should be placed is the direction the roof is facing, the angle and strength of the roof and anything that can be seen as an obstruction and creating shade.

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