JCI Solar-How do I determine the right size to use for a Solar Panel?

How do I determine the right size to use for a Solar Panel?

By choosing the right size panel will help the consumer to rely more on the n-site power generated than on the power grid. The steps to follow is:

Step 1: Do research on the building codes to find out if there is any restrictions of size and place of the panel.

Step 2: Determine the budget for a Solar Panel. Consider the amount to be spend on the Solar Panel self and             the installation of the panel.

Step 3: Figure out the amount of energy the Solar Panel needs to generate, this plays a big role in             determining the size. To do this have a look at the past energy bills to get an estimate of the power usage. Photovoltaic cells generates 0.5V apiece,             regardless the size of the Solar Panel. A regular Solar Panel generates 12V of power, which requires 28 to 40 cells. In other words, 1 square meter             produces up to 150W at peak times.

Step 4: Determine the size of the space there is for the Solar Panel. It must be located in a spot where it receives direct sunlight, and determine how much             sun light the space receives.

Step 5: Work out the angle of the space where the Solar Panel is going to be placed.

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