JCI Solar-What is the difference between a Modified Sine Wave Inverter and a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

What is the difference between a Modified Sine Wave Inverter and a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

The modified sine wave inverters are a cost-effective way to produce AC power, but they have some limits. The output of these inverters is not fitted for loads such as motors, transformers or any transformer driven appliances. It can also produce noise which is sometimes audible in radios and visible in television sets. Some appliances like fans can make additional noise and can possibly overheat.

Modified sine wave inverters regularly lack any overload capability and it's very difficult to protect these electronically. Usually a standard fuse is used, which makes the inverters defenseless to failure.

Some off the appliances that might have a problem running of the modified sine wave inverters are:

• Photocopiers, Laser printers, Magneto-Optical hard drives

• Fluorescent lights with standard ballast

• Power tools

• Battery chargers for some cordless tools

• Some computer equipment

• Digital clocks with radios

• Sewing machines

• Oxygen concentrators and other medical appliances

• LED Lighting

These inverters are mostly used for small and simple loads, like camp sites to connect some lights on short term basis. Pure Sine Wave inverters are the best output waveform you can get and it does not crate interference or overheating in appliances. Pure sine wave inverters are by far more complex structures and vary substantially from manufacturer to manufacturer. They would incorporate some simple or many sophisticated protection circuitry. Because of this, these inverters are more expensive but the performance is better and is much more reliable. Some advantages of the pure sine wave inverters are:

• Output voltage waveform is pure sine wave with very low harmonic distortion and the same or better than the Eskom supply.

• It increases the lifespan of microwave ovens and fridges by making it run correctly and quietly.

• Prevents crashes in computers.

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